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Terminator - Deleted Scene Wrong Sarah

2008-08-28 2,828 Dailymotion

"The longest of the omitted sequences, this group of scenes took place during the time between Sarah and Reese's night in the drainage culvert and their subsequent arrival at the Tiki Motel. The scenes establish both Sarah's desire to turn the tables on her deadly pursuer and Reese's personal breakdown in being a man out of time. The latter was originally written and perceived as a defining character moment for Reese, but was omitted to maintain the forward motion of the film to heighten the emotional catharsis of the later motel scenes; the former not only illustrated Sarah's growing, pro-active role in resolving her own fate, but also set up several key revelations which had originally been intended for the end of the film.
Although omitted from the movie, this sequence formed the basis of a key plot point in "Terminator 2" - Sarah's decision to stop running and take the offensive against Dyson and Cyberdyne - and clearly demonstrates that the seeds of the sequel were sown in the original film."