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Bike Races Through streets - Fast Bikes Show 2

2018-08-16 45 Dailymotion

"No-one on the face of the planet rides faster than us on the road." Fast Bikes Crew

A blast of high-speed madness and mayhem for those who maintain bikes were made to be ridden hard and fast. This is the hottest show in town. Believe the hype...

Fast Bikes Show 2 is the sequel to the amazing, outrageous Fast Bikes Show I, and if you thought that was wicked you truly ain't seen nothing yet.

Riding the fastest, lightest, most powerful superbikes of the last two years, including the R1, the Blade, the ZX9, the 996 SPS, the SB8 Bimota and the SP1 Honda, the FB posse (including 2003 BSBK champion 'Shakey' Byrne!) continue their trail of continental carnage all the way across Europe, touching down their front wheels faster than jet planes, sliding their rear wheels like rally cars and locking their elbows and knees together in flat-out dicing through the mountains, down the coast roads and along the motorways!

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