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Acting Lessons

Acting Lessons: Headshots

A quote by Michelle Danner : “It’s never interesting in acting to be vague, so you have to go through the script with a fine-tooth comb. Be a thorough tec...

2014-03-20 00:27 10 Dailymotion

Acting Lessons - Colombia

"I have always been surrounded by poverty and it was poverty that stole what was most precious to me." Maria is fighting back. After 10 years of poverty, prosti...

2013-01-24 25:00 35 Dailymotion

Acting Lessons 16

Acting Lessons 16...

2015-04-25 02:42 35 Dailymotion

Acting Lessons: Voice

• Students will work through a thorough comprehension of breaking down story, characters, conflicts, and language from dramatic and comedic scripts. • Ther...

2014-03-20 00:30 13 Dailymotion

Acting Lessons: Triggers

ESL (English as a second language) learn English through acting & film Immerse yourself in the ultimate Hollywood experience Advanced / Beginner English...

2014-03-20 00:39 13 Dailymotion