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X Factor

"SUPER TALENTED" 16-year-old takes his time to shine! | Unforgettable Audition | The X Factor UK

James Bellamy impressed the Judges with his undeniable talent and passion for music. Watch his brilliant X Factor Audition as he ...

2022-11-30 03:11 8,329 YouTube

Harry Styles Audition: EXTENDED CUT | The X Factor UK

Meet Harry Styles again for the very first time, but with EXTRA footage that's never been aired before! Featuring an unseen ...

2022-07-30 06:08 3,072,176 YouTube

Lauryn Hill - Ex-Factor (Video)

Lauryn Hill's official music video for 'Ex-Factor'. Click to listen to Lauryn Hill on Spotify:

2010-06-23 04:38 115,453,359 YouTube

The BEST EVER X Factor Auditions From Around The World | X Factor Global

Don't miss this BACK TO BACK! 2 hour special of the BEST EVER X Factor auditions from X Factor around the world. Including ...

2020-10-26 17:19 8,713,002 YouTube

Christopher Maloney's audition - Bette Midler's The Rose - The X Factor UK 2012

See more at Download Christopher's live performances on iTunes: Visit the official site: ...

2012-09-08 09:02 85,688,702 YouTube

X Factor - The X Factor

X Factor (PlayStation 3) - The X Factor...

2014-01-14 00:56 48 Dailymotion

X Factor - The X Factor

X Factor (Nintendo Wii) - The X Factor...

2014-01-14 00:56 46 Dailymotion

X Factor - The X Factor

X Factor (Xbox 360) - The X Factor...

2014-01-14 00:56 99 Dailymotion

X FACTOR: X Factor is back

As The X Factor returns for a new series, take a look at what we can expect....

2011-08-19 01:55 618 Dailymotion

The X Factor UK S14E18-The X Factor UK 18-The X Factor -factor-The X Factor 18-19

Watch the X factor talented show...

2017-10-30 51:15 1,047 Dailymotion